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Our Vision

More than 7,000 cases of child abuse and neglect are investigated annually in Wake County.

Abuse and trauma take everything away from a child — they have no place where they feel safe, where they can be nurtured to heal and grow. As the only organization in Wake County that does what we do, SAFEchild is fighting every day to change that.

We are working to give every child a home where they feel safe to heal and to grow, while providing caregivers, guardians and parents with educational resources to stop the cycle of abuse.

But to do that, we need a new place to call home.

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Become a Champion

When you donate to the Champion Our Children campaign, you’re partnering with SAFEchild to provide resources, education and support to children and families in Wake County.

Help us build our new location. Together, we can save the vulnerable children of Wake County from abuse, trauma and neglect.

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